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The Intersection of Sci-Fi, Healthcare and Technology

Intersection of Sci-Fi, Healthcare and Technology

You are 10 years old. You are out playing with your friends. A bunch of you challenge each other to jump over your neighbour’s wall and pluck mangoes from their tree. Three of your friends have already jumped over and are calling out your name, urging you to jump. You look down from the top of the wall, the height seems a little scary, but you are young and full of energy and what could possibly go wrong? You take the jump and the next thing you remember, you are on the ground with your legs bleeding profusely. Your parents rush you to the hospital and the doctor ties up your wound to stop the bleeding.

But, that is all he does. There is no way to see how bad your fracture is. Or is it even a fracture? Which part of your bone is damaged? No answers to these questions. Well yes, it is the 18th century and X-Rays haven’t been invented yet!

Isn’t it so hard for us to imagine a world without X-Ray machines, CT scanners, MRI, etc. ? The human race has come so far in the field of healthcare thanks to embedded technology. Today, even as we speak, healthcare technology has gone from bulky equipment to electronic skin tattoos to diagnose critical parameters. One cannot overstate the importance of technology in the healthcare industry, since it is because of these innovations that physicians can today deliver quality medical care with better diagnostics and treatments.

Keyar Janitri Device (Intersection of Sci-Fi, Healthcare and Technology)

Figure of Keyar Device

Sometimes, it is hard to believe that I get to work in the midst of all this amazing, new-age technology, to solve a pressing issue at the core of the healthcare system — Maternal and Neonatal health. The coolest thing about working in technology is that you are split between two worlds. One that is reality — with all its joys, frustrations, celebrations, disappointments and inconveniences. And from these disappointments and inconveniences, we draw out a vision for the future world. A world from Sci-Fi in which technology enables us to live more comfortably and healthily. Being able to work with embedded systems that enable critical healthcare technology is exciting. I mean, isn’t it crazy that a bunch of tiny ICs, resistors, capacitors and crystal oscillators can be put together to literally save lives!

I believe Healthcare Technology still has a long way to go — where it is affordable and accessible to each and everyone, regardless of demographics. Here’s to technology, innovation and to everyone who knows there is always a better way to do things and dares to keep asking “How?”. Working in tech isn’t always easy, but it is a choice to live between two worlds, one that can be complex and one where anything is possible.

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