Tandem Towards Care

Tandem Towards Care

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I am a public health professional, working with Janitri Innovations and I absolutely love the work we do here. The team here works on two products “Daksh” and “Keyar”. These are monitoring tools that can be used during the intrapartum period to monitor critical parameters.

Working as a public health professional gives you an insight into the on-field problems and the challenges faced by the healthcare workers in predicament. Despite the Government’s herculean efforts to reduce maternal and infant mortality/morbidity, we have still not been able to curb the situation.

Janitri Visited Hospital Tandem Towards Care

Hospital Room

I would like to share my on-field experience here:

It was a busy day and the labour ward was full. Everyone was connected with the NST (neonatal stress test) machines for monitoring purposes. That day, the senior sister was administering the labour ward all by herself.

Suddenly, one NST machine showed decelerations to 80 heartbeats/min from the normal 140–150 heartbeats/min and it went unnoticed for some time. The lady being monitored had a history of the death of her first child due to fetal hypoxia. When the sister in charge came across the NST showing gradual decelerations, she immediately started doing the lady’s PV examination. As she was doing so, a greenish-yellow fluid discharge started.

This was an alarming sign and the sister immediately ordered the juniors to start oxytocin. The lady needed to deliver immediately otherwise there could be a threat to the baby’s life. Hence, oxytocin was started immediately. But the baby’s fetal heart rate (FHR) showed no progress. The lady was trying to push the baby but to no avail.

Thus, the sister took the decision to deliver the baby immediately then and there and went ahead with it. After the delivery, the baby did not cry, so we immediately informed the paediatrician for supervision and things were under control. Quick decisions helped us save the baby’s life.

But this incident brought to light, the problems with the NST Machine. It was not able to alert the staff about the emergency situation. If the NST machine would have prompted the deceleration, this emergency wouldn’t have occurred.

This is where Janitri’s product “Keyar” would be very useful. It is an FHR & Uterine contraction monitoring device which would help in giving alerts in such kinds of situations.


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