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Passion, Practice, and Presentation

Passion, Practice, and Presentation

Honestly, I never dreamt of becoming a software test engineer unless I became one.  Wherever you ask any tester how they become tester/ test engineer, the answer in most cases is “accidentally”, of course including me.

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Being a test engineer was a difficult task for someone like me who’s with less patience! However, I never gave up on this. I wish to tell you all the few things that I have learned so far.

Never hesitate to ask questions

Being test engineers, we should always ask, and not assume things. There is no silly doubt or question especially when we are new to the organization, we have plenty of things to know and learn about the organization.

If something is not clear, clarify it. Have a question, ask it. Any other ideas in mind, explain them. Something is wrong, tell it. But, never hesitate to speak.

Communicate with developers!

Many say a developer and a tester can never be friends as they always fight over bugs. Yes, I say it’s true. When we actually argue or even fight sometimes, it may be difficult but it’s not impossible.

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Practise makes perfect

However, having good communication with developers always gives clarity about development and enhances knowledge.

Understand the User Perspective

Anybody can find issues in any product they use. What really makes testers important in the software development life cycle is their ability to understand and analyse the product under test in multiple ways, considering the end-user feedback in the process

Automation can never replace manual testing

The rise of automated testing has caused a lot of noise and confusion and so many freshers are constantly questioning whether they will have jobs in the future. I believe that automation is just a tool that helps save time in the long run by accomplishing a large number of surface-level tests in a short time.

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Presentation is the key concept

Whereas Manual testing helps us understand the entire problem and explore other angles of tests with flexibility.

No matter how many test cases we write, we have to perform manual testing at least once to test the application randomly thoroughly.

Keep learning

I started my role as a Manual tester, and later started automation, API testing, and so on. We may be doing well, but we should always update ourselves with technology. Learn when you’re bored, learn when you’re sad, learn when you’re happy, and learn to explore. No matter what, always keep learning.

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Passion can lead to great success

I feel lucky to find my passion for testing at such an early stage. It taught me creativity, patience, and commitment. I also experienced that nothing in life comes easy — there were times I was struggling with understanding the high-level purpose as a tester. But if you are willing to follow your passion, keep practising, and present your work in an appropriate way, you can achieve anything.


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