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Get your Non-stress test (NST) done at home

By trained nurses

Trusted by doctors

Just @ 990/-

Instant digital report

Get 20-30 minutes graph of fetal heart rate with fetal movement.

Clinically validated device

CE & ISO 13485 certified. Trusted by doctors and hospitals. Monitored 50,000+ mothers.

Highly trained nurses

Our nurses are patient and skilled to provide you best support during the test.

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Janitri is passionate about improving pregnancy and newborn care by providing affordable and smart monitoring of critical vitals. We are working with a vision to see a world where no mother or newborn faces any mortality & morbidity during pregnancy, delivery or post-delivery. More than 50,000+ mothers monitored and benefited already.

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What is a Non-stress Test (NST)?

A non-stress test is a common prenatal test used to check on your baby's health by monitoring your baby's heart rate and movements. Usually, a non-stress test is recommended after 26 to 28 weeks of pregnancy. It is a non-invasive test that doesn't pose any physical risks to you or your baby and hence is completely safe.

How long is an NST usually done for?

Usually, a non-stress test is performed for 20 minutes. However, if your baby is inactive or asleep, or your OBGYN needs extended monitoring to ensure accurate results, you might need to extend the test for another 20 minutes.

How safe is it to get an NST done at home?

Our fully vaccinated OBGYN-trained nurses will be using a CE-certified and clinically validated device. The device gives out an accurate report as soon as the test is done, which will be shared with you and your OBGYN.

How can I be better prepared before the NST is done?

You don't have to do anything special before a non-stress test. But it is recommended to have a snack beforehand, since your baby is likely to be at her wriggliest shortly after you've eaten. Also wear something that’s comfortable and easily accessible to your baby bump as the machine needs to be placed on your belly. It is also recommended that you relieve your bladder before the test as the it may take around 30-45 minutes for the entire procedure to complete.

Are you an OB-GYN?

Looking to provide NST at home service to your patients? we would love to partner with you. You will get instant reports on your mobile via WhatsApp and our Doctor's App.