Janitri — A Start of a Revolution

Janitri — A Start of a Revolution

For decades, technology has aided the advancement of mankind in solving its greatest challenges. Though, for some reason, the distribution of these utilities has been non-uniform. The great benefits of technology have somehow eluded the very hands that need it the most.

Janitri is a company focused on the area of maternal and child care and working with a vision that no mother or child should suffer as a result of pregnancy-related complications. Our primary focus is on rural healthcare settings like the PHCs & CHCs. We are striving to eliminate some of the challenges that are currently plaguing the healthcare sector.

One of the key challenges that we identified is that there is a huge benefit in tracking important labour parameters such as fetal heart rate (FHR) and uterine contractions, especially just before the delivery. It helps in tracking the labour progress and ensuring the well-being of the mother and the fetus.

The current technology that is being used is called Cardiotocography (CTG). It is a decade-old technology with limitations like high cost, low reliability, difficulty to use and lack of portability. Due to all these limitations, currently, its use is limited to high-resource healthcare settings where there is enough financial support, manpower and the relevant skills to use this technology. However, this technology is not feasible for a low-resource healthcare setting where the staff is overburdened with work, underpaid, not very skilled and unequipped.

Janitri — A Start of a Revolution

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Now the question that arises is that if tracking of these parameters is so important, why isn’t it being done already or if it is being done, then how? A very important question indeed. To give you some relief the answer is yes, it is being done, but not exactly the way it is supposed to be done.

In low-resource healthcare settings, there is an instrument called “Fetal Doppler”. It has a probe which can be placed on the abdomen of the pregnant lady to measure the fetal heart rate (FHR). For measuring uterine contractions, the staff nurse places his/her hand on the abdomen of the pregnant lady and tries to feel the hardness.

These procedures need to be done repeatedly at regular intervals as per the protocol but it rarely happens due to the unavailability of time and resources.

So the next question that arises is,” How can we address this need for continuous monitoring? How can we have a solution that is portable, affordable, easy to use and doesn’t need a lot of manual intervention?”

To address these specific needs of a low-resource healthcare setting, we came up with the idea of “Keyar”.

Keyar is an affordable, portable, easy-to-use monitoring device that continuously tracks vital parameters during the active labour phase. It leverages state-of-the-art technology to overcome the technical limitations of the CTG and provides more accurate results.

With Keyar, we will ensure that the technology reaches where it is most needed. It will enable us to bring quality care to the remotest and the poorest of places. Such innovations will be a boon for the underprivileged and marginalized population.

We want to bring quality care to every mother and child irrespective of their economic status or class or region. Our team has specialists from multiple disciplines who believe in this vision and are willing to give their all to make it come true.

It would be reasonable to say that we are well on track to usher in a revolution that will benefit millions of people across the world. And we are just getting started.

We are Janitri. Join us and together let’s innovate to save lives at birth !!


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