Improving Maternal and Child Health with Sustainable Technology

Improving Maternal and Child Health Through Sustainable Technology

I am standing in the delivery room of a rural hospital in Karnataka. Two women are about to give birth. The two nurses on staff are frantically trying to tend to the women, as well as take care of the multitude of other responsibilities they have. It is difficult for them to manage everything, given the lack of resources and the limited number of staff. Daksh is sitting off to the side of the room ready to offer assistance and make things easier for these nurses.


Daksh is an intelligent intrapartum monitoring tool: an app that helps healthcare professionals track labour in a more efficient and productive manner. Daksh was developed by Janitri Innovations. They develop sustainable technology aimed at improving the health of mothers and children. When healthcare professionals use Daksh, they have greater access to identify when there is a complication with a labouring mother and can make an informed decision in an effort to prevent maternal and infant mortality. Additionally, the Janitri team is developing a device called Keyar, which can easily track and record fetal heart rate and contractions during labour. This device can also help to reduce maternal and infant mortality.

Maternal Daksh Janitri Device

Figure of Daksh Monitoring Device

I found myself standing in that delivery room in rural Karnataka because I joined Janitri to conduct an evaluation of Daksh. During my time evaluating Daksh and learning more about Janitri’s sustainable technology, I discovered that there is a great need for this kind of technology in hospitals. Hospitals are often short-staffed and healthcare workers have to provide for many women, including women who are in active labour, delivering, and in post-partum care. Given the opportunity to use an app like Daksh, which helps make labour monitoring easier, healthcare providers can make more informed and timely decisions about mothers who may be having complications during labour and delivery. This can ultimately lead to life-saving interventions, which can reduce the infant and maternal mortality rate in India.

I am inspired by the knowledge, innovation, and passion the Janitri team brings to their work in improving maternal and child health. The team at Janitri remain passionate and dedicated to finding valuable solutions to problems, and because of them, wonderful advancements are made in the public health sector of India. I appreciate my time with Janitri for that reason. They gave me hope in knowing that even though there are many problems within the maternal and child health sector of the world, there are people who commit their professions to find solutions to those problems.

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