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I am Ironman

I am Ironman

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“Truth is…, I am Ironman”
*Back in Black by AC/DC playing in the background *.

Yup, that’s exactly how every engineer feels.

I was obsessed with cars and gizmos when I was a kid. Growing up, learning physics and chemistry turned this obsession into a fascination. The urge to know how things did what they did help me understand these fascinating concepts.

When a person understands scientific concepts with intense curiosity, it makes him/her want to apply and test them for themselves. Once we start applying and testing stuff, we master that concept and down the line when faced with a problem we find ways to apply knowledge of these concepts to find a solution and invent a better way to do something than what already exists.

In cooler terms, technology is art and science is the artist.

It is said that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Think about it, it’s absolutely right. In my opinion, the best invention is one that feels simplest, one that is effortless to use, almost natural. Think about a zip, a velcro. It is perfectly apt in the case of consumer technology.

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An average consumer has absolutely no idea of how his/her gadgets work. Even a simple blinking of an LED involves a lot of science. When you break open any electronic device you are most likely to see at last one printed circuit board, PCB for short. Again, an amazing piece of technology, that brings together all various components and breathes life into the device.

Medical diagnostic equipment is a very complex device based on cutting-edge technology. Sensors, signal processors, ADCs, high-precision actuators, and a million more. There are just too many individual components that are required to work in perfect synchronization whenever they are powered on. Their operation usually requires a lot of training and expertise.

The current wave of technological advancements and socio-economic changes has created a need for testing and diagnostic medical equipment that can be used by patients themselves at home.

This is a very exciting and challenging development simply because it can change the course of the whole industry, disrupting the market by providing affordable healthcare solutions for the masses.

This poses a very niche task for the engineers, ‘How does one make devices smaller than they already are, more efficient than they already are, less hazardous, and more importantly, easier for anybody to use?’ The answer to that question is clever, R&D.

‘Working with electronics is very frustrating’ is something that you would have heard from your friends or someone close to working in the field, well, I’m just going to say I second that. But when it works and does what you intended it to do, it makes up for all the frustration and it feels amazing. Yes, you feel like you are Ironman.

An astonishing number of start-ups are rising to this challenge. They are pushing the boundaries of innovation and reinventing the wheel. Every domain has seen a revolution now, owing to the success of the start-up culture.

To be a part of such a start-up, influencing, shaping, and contributing to this change is simply incredible. The realization that my work helps save lives is beyond expression. We engineer for change, we engineer for progress, we engineer to empower millions of lives, just like Ironman!

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