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DAKSH: A Solution for Partograph

DAKSH: A Solution for Partograph

I am a Public health Graduate, as soon as I graduated I was looking for Internships, and then I came across a company named “ Janitri Innovations PVT LTD”. and I started my internship. It is a startup company that is working on ground-level problems related to maternal and child health care. The team here works on two devices DAKSH and KEYAR. These devices monitor the critical parameters during the Intrapartum period.

During my internship. We went to a Hospital for the piloting of our device. We were sitting in the labour room and by the time we were waiting for the staff, Residents I really encountered the condition of pregnant ladies in the low-income sector. There was just one senior staff nurse and one post-graduate student on duty for around 10 pregnant ladies. As per the guidelines, she was checking the vitals and important parameters like Fetal Heart Rate, the status of membrane colour of amniotic fluid, Uterine contractions and maternal pulse every half-hourly. After checking all the vitals she came to her table where she found that one of the patient’s case files was missing. She panicked, and later after 45 minutes her Co PG came and gave her the case file which she took from there by mistake. She filled in all the details of the patient. I noticed two to three doctors and realized that none of them are filling a partograph.

WHO Says

WHO has recommended using and filling a Partograph for each patient. Partograph is a low-tech paper form and is an effective tool for the early detection of maternal and fetal complications during childbirth. Regular use of partograph ensures that the labour is monitored closely and complications related to labour such as obstructed labour can be identified and get treated timely.


That’s when I realized the need for maternal care interventions in India. Moreover, we need to have programs for rural, uneducated, poor women. So, DAKSH and KEYAR are two monitoring tools our company has innovated which are used during the intrapartum period. DAKSH is a mobile application that generates digital partograph automatically after we enter the required intrapartum details of the patient. Along with that it records delivery, intrapartum record measurement, the record of the investigation and has postpartum referral features.

KEYAR Janitri Innovations

A figure showing KEYAR device

KEYAR is an affordable, easy-to-use and wearable intrapartum FHR and contraction monitoring tool for low-resource health care settings. This tool monitor both the parameters and analyzes the pattern and gives colour-coded/ sound alerts if the fetus is in distress. This tool also displays the FHR and uterine contractions in an easy format. KEYAR works with DAKSH to give automated partographs, allowing the nurse to register and enter the vitals of pregnant women and also generate alerts in case of complications.

Daksh Partogragh Janitri

Showing an interface of Daksh App

According to me, these two devices are the solutions to my observations in the labour room.

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