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Choices, Changes and Chores

Choices, Changes and Chores

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Poetic. I have always been poetic. I have always found my love for being lost in this world of rhythm. Every poem needs rhythm, no matter how abstract you make it. It will always need it’s pauses, exclamations and flows. When I joined a design college, I had a fresher perspective, I found rhythm in people around me. I saw how their daily lives are nothing but pauses, exclamations and flows. It is strange how we bound ourselves to a rhythm without even realising where it takes us. Maybe that’s why ‘chorus’ and ‘chores’ look so similar.

Rhythm is meant and supposed to be repetitive. It is supposed to combine into a flow for people to understand it. People are repetitive too. People can be read like music sheets. People can be moulded into rhythms too. Once you mould them, you can twist and slowly re-shape the rhythm they have been following since so long.

But is it really this simple to mend or twist people’s choice of flow? Absolutely not. The idea of interfering with someone’s personal space and then taking over sounds scary, but is it? Well taking you for example, how often do you find yourself using your phone? Or your watch? Or anything for the matter of fact! Everything was imposed on you and it somehow slowly became a part of you.


Choices, Changes and Chores Blog Post Janitri

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Sounds negative? Trust me it is not, that is how people grow, that is how we are supposed to evolve. That is how you experience your experiences, that is how you form your opinion and that is how you decide your own rhythm.

At the end, when you select a commodity or even click on an option, to make an addition to your existing playlist called life. Somewhere a user experience designer would be smiling.


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